LNMU BSc Science Course List- MJC, MIC, MDC, VAC, SEC, AEC

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 August 15, 2023

LNMU BSc Science Course List | Bachelor of Science Subjects List Details: Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Darbhanga conducting many type of Science Courses having MJC, MIC, MDC, VAC, SEC & AEC Paper-Type Subjects as mentioned below. There are total Eight (8) UG Social Science Subjects are Availabele here.

LNMU BSc (Science) Subject List Name:

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Math
  4. Zoology
  5. Botany
  6. Electronics
  7. Geology
  8. Statistics

LNMU Skill Enhancement Course List for Science

SEC-1 Subject List for 1st Semester

  1. Advance Spreadsheet Tools
  2. Basic IT Tolls
  3. Creative Writing
  4. Communication in Everyday life

SEC-2 Subject List for 2nd Semester

  1. Big Data Analysis
  2. Beginners Course to Calligraphy
  3. Intreduction to Cloud Computing (AWS)
  4. Personality Development & Communication

SEC-3 Subject List for 3rd Semester

  1. Prospecting E-waste for e Personal sustainability
  2. Visual Communication & Photography
  3. Graphic Design & Animation
  4. Statistics & Software Package
  5. Communication in Professional Life

BA / BSc / BCom के New Syllabus:

बिहार मे BA / BSc / BCom के 4-Years होने के बाद जो New Syllabus आया है वो अलग अलग University के अनुसार नीचे दिया गया है| आपलोग चाहे जिस भी University से है नीचे दिए Online Link की सहायता से Syllabus को Download कर ले|

MJC के सभी Course का SyllabusUG_Syllabus
MIC के सभी Course का SyllabusUG_Syllabus
MDC के सभी Course का SyllabusUG_Syllabus
SEC के सभी Course का SyllabusUG_Syllabus
AEC के सभी Course का SyllabusUG_Syllabus
VAC के सभी Course का SyllabusUG_Syllabus

BRABU Value Added Course List for Science:

VAC-1 Subject List for 1st Semester

  1. Ayurveda & Nutrition
  2. Financial Literacy
  3. Ethic & Culture
  4. Art of Being Happy
  5. Swach Bharat
  6. Fit India
  7. Panchakosha: Holistic Development of Personality
  8. Culture & Communication

VAC-2 Subject List for 2nd Semester

  1. Vedic Mathematics
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Yoga Philosophy & Practice
  4. Ethics & Values in Ancient indian Tradition
  5. Constitutional Values & Fundamental Duties
  6. Social & Emotional Leaming
  7. Ecology & Literature

LNMU Ability Enhancement Course List for Social Science

AEC-1 Subject List for 1st Semester

  1. MIL

AEC-2 Subject List for 2nd Semester

  1. Environmental Science

AEC-3 Subject List for 3rd Semester

  1. Coruse on Disaster Risk Management

AEC-4 Subject List for 4th Semester

  1. Course on NCC/NSS/NGO’s/Social Service/Scout & Guide/Sports.
LNMU BSc Science Subject Course List MJC, MIC, MDC, SEC, AEC, VAC

BRABU BSc Science Programs Paper Types:

According to New Education Policy 2020 Students have to Study total 6 Typs of Papers. Each of which are written below.

Paper-Type Full NameShort Name
Major Core CourseMJC (All Semester)
Minor CourseMIC (All Semester)
Multi Disciplinary CourseMDC (Sem-1, 2, 3)
Ability Enhancement CourseAEC (Sem-1, 2, 3, 4)
Skill Enhancement CourseSEC (Sem-1, 2, 3)
Value Added CourseVAC (Sem-1, 2)

How many BSc Science Courses Subjects are Available in LNMU MIthila University?

There are total 8 (Eight) Subjects are Availble in BSc or Bachelor of Science Feculty LNMU Mithila University.

Is SEC and VAC Courses Subject List is Different from Arts or Commerce in Science under LNMU Mithila University?

Yes, Some Subjects of Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) and Value Added Courses (VAC) is deffent in Science from Arts or Commerce.

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